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JP Morgan’s Blockchain Quorum Seeking Independence

US banking giant JP Morgan Chase is considering separating its blockchain division as an independent company. The notion being that liberation from the bank could increase the overall appeal of the project.

Blockchain Disassociated from Banks

According to reports citing ‘sources familiar with the situation’ the open source Quorum blockchain project could be spun off to create distance from its parent company. Sources claim that it is still early days for discussions and JP Morgan stated;

“We continue to believe distributed ledger technology will play a transformative role in business which is why we are actively building multiple blockchain solutions. We’re not going to comment on speculation, but Quorum has become an extremely successful enterprise platform even beyond financial services and we’re excited about its potential.”

In efforts to quash the rising tide of independent and decentralized forms of digital money major banks have been lavishing millions of dollars on their own blockchain projects and research. Another incentive is cost savings and improving efficiency and customer services such as international fund transfers.

Reuters could not confirm any details or whether existing staff would move to the new company. Amber Baldet has been leading product development for Quorum and is an executive director of the bank’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. She has made no comments on the move but had this to say of the Ethereum based project; “Quorum benefits from all the security and scaling research happening on mainnet ethereum,” 

Zcash Provides the Privacy

JP Morgan’s enterprise blockchain also partnered up with Zcash last year which integrated its zero-knowledge security layer (ZSL) to provide an additional layer of functionality and obfuscation of identifiable information on transactions.

Big banks are seeking the expertise of blockchain companies and existing cryptocurrencies to expand their own line of products. This could spell more partnerships in the crypto space as enterprises look further afield for their technology solutions.

There are already a number of blockchain projects in existence that can provide additional functionality such as an additional layer of privacy, or sharding technology, a programming platform, or a lattice type network as opposed to a chain. Some that come instantly to mind include Cardano, Lisk, Nano, and Verge. When large established institutions marry up with blockchain startups the entire crypto ecosystem will see greater adoption and acceptance in the mainstream, and that can only be a good thing.

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Blockchain, IoT, and the future of seamless transactions (VB Live)
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Report: JPMorgan Considers Spinoff of Quorum Blockchain Division - CoinDesk


Report: JPMorgan Considers Spinoff of Quorum Blockchain Division
Global banking giant JPMorgan Chase is reportedly thinking about spinning out its Quorum blockchain project as an independent company. Citing anonymous sources, the Financial Times and Reuters reported late Thursday that the move, if it happens, would ...
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Google Reveals Two Blockchain Projects As It Eyes Data Transparency - Cointelegraph


Google Reveals Two Blockchain Projects As It Eyes Data Transparency
This week Google made known about two separate Blockchain projects it is working on: a “tamper-proof” auditing system and a cloud operations platform. According to a patent originally filed in September 2017, plans are underway to create a so-called ...
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South Korea Wants to Set a Desirable Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Policy: Expert Take
Samsung Electronics Co. is the most-valuable multinational tech company by market capitalization and is at the heart of Blockchain innovation in South Korea. The Samsung Group is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, as well as the Korean ...
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XDCE token goes live on Exchanges like Bancor, KoinOK, Alphaex, Forkdelta & Etherflyer Opens 20% above the Token Contribution Price

XDCE token goes live on Exchanges like Bancor, KoinOK, Alphaex, Forkdelta & Etherflyer Opens 20% above the Token Contribution Price

Singapore, March 22, 2018—Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, XinFin that focuses on blockchain protocol development to power larger enterprises to create real world use cases by tokenizing various physical assets and powering a global peer-to-peer trade and finance platform called has successfully conducted its initial coin offering (ICO) recently. The company raised $15 million USD equivalent digital assets, which is a sign of great confidence from global user base towards the fastest growing blockchain based ecosystem.

XinFin’s Co-Founder, Peter Yeo said, “We are really excited to announce that within a week of initial offering our Utility token XDCE is now available for trading on various public exchanges like (, (, (, Forkdelta and . This will make it effortless for our users to convert their utility tokens, providing them with continuous liquidity not even against Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum but also against local fiat currency. We will keep adding more exchanges to get more flexibility and demonstrate real world use cases with various government and Institutions using XDC utility token”

XinFin’s protocol XDC01 powers platform which caters to small farmers, individuals or small businesses world-wide that remain unbanked due to lack of financial setup and remote locations. These deserving population are either denied loans by traditional banks or have to undergo expensive ‘centralized’ banking procedures. XinFin’s financial mechanism called TradeFinex enables buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, gives suppliers visibility on global tenders & customer base and provides financiers real time visibility on their investments. Cross-border trade finance is of the prominent use-cases of XDC catering to $27 Trillion of global market. XinFin is currently working on several industrial projects in Banking, Solar, Tourism, Aviation, Supply Chain Logistics etc. and deploying customized solutions across business process re-engineering, supply chain, financing, procurement, reconciliation, settlement and more.

The XinFin ecosystem will support price stability of FIAT currencies, upcoming national crypto currencies and existing cryptocurrencies through monitoring activities like KYC, AML on TradeFinex platform. XinFin will seek necessary KYC, AML information from the entities that use the XDC platform and will collaborate with them to re-engineer their compliance process using blockchain technology to drive further efficiencies.

“Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, XinFin comes with a Hedge Pool functionality which will protect its participants from fluctuations in the XDC token price at the time of procurement and settlement. Participants get payment as per the agreed FIAT currency value irrespective of volatility. Secure and auditable smart contracting standardizes fiduciary use cases by re-engineering and automating traditional lending and trade finance. Underlying digital tokens can be liquidated against FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies.” added Peter Yeo

XinFin hybrid network runs on a delegated proof of stake consensus between trusted master nodes and is powered by its next generation digital token called XDC which also acts as the underlying fuel without using high energy and hash power making XDC as Green utility Coin. IoT atop XDC protocol allows real time data to be uploaded on blockchain. XDC01 protocol is a regulatory compliance which makes XinFin utility tokens very appropriate for trade and finance. It works as a messaging and confirmation layer for domestic and cross-border approved payment. Approved financial institutions can use XDC token as a payment and settlement layer which makes it sector agnostic.

About XinFin

XinFin ( is a Blockchain technology company that has built enterprise friendly Hybrid Blockchain and platform for international trade and finance. XinFin launched TradeFinex at Assocham ( in Asia and extended the platform to over 450,000 participating enterprise members. Ramco systems (, part of global $1 Billion conglomerates has chosen XinFin to deploy blockchain solutions for 500+ of its clients in Aviation, Supply Chain and HR.

Follow XinFin on Twitter (@XinFinF), on Telegram( and on Slack ( Check out their latest video ( and whitepapers( here.

Visit exchanges here:






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FundYourselfNow Launches A Talent Marketplace for Bounty Hunters and Blockchain Experts

SINGAPORE — Asia’s Leading cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, FundYourselfNow (FYN), has launched the very first of its kind – FYN Talent Marketplace.

The alpha version of FYN Talent Marketplace is launched on 19th March 2018. Hunting bounties for ICOs is its initial focus and currently, the FundYourselfNow team is working with 10,000 bounty hunters through the existing bounty programs. The platform aims to serve the Blockchain projects out there which are seeking skilled professionals and freelancers to help them out. It may be a smart contract development, web development, community management or Marketing. And this is why FYN Talent Marketplace is here for. This marketplace aims to provide every resource that can make an ICO project successful.

FundYourselfNow is a crowdfunding platform that offers help to people to raise funds for their projects. The initial coin offering was successfully completed in July 2017 with more than 6000 ETH raised. After officially launching its token FYN last October 2017, it has grown to be one of the leading cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms in the world with more than 12,000 active platform users.

Kenneth Tan, COO of FundYourselfNow said “We understand the pain of every Blockchain and ICO Project. One of the key things to make your idea happen is to build a dream team and this is why we launched this Marketplace so that every project will be able to find the talent it needs and at the same time, will be able to list bounties and invite bounty hunters.”

The current launch involves Bounty listing and Bounty hunting only.

Some of the features available in the alpha version for Freelancers and Bounty Hunters are:

  1. Public Profile – Bounty Hunters will be able to build their public profile. They can add an Avatar, Resume, Contact details, Summary, Skills and languages. This way, they will be able to showcase their skills to Bounty posters why you are the perfect candidate for them.
  2. Profile settings – Under settings, bounty hunters will be allowed to give their ETH address so that they can receive their rewards for successfully contributing to the projects.
  3. Application Status – Freelancers can check the status of their applications on Application Review page. They will be able to directly contact the Bounty lister, if required.

Some of the features available for Bounty Listers are:

  1. Profile Page – Bounty Listers will have a Profile Page where the details about the Job/Bounty will be displayed with an option for freelancers to apply. All the skills, rewards, time needed related information will be available on the page.
  2. Posted Bounties – The Bounty listers will be able to check all their posted bounties under their profile. The details will include Posted date, ending date, vacancies remaining, no. of applications received etc.
  3. Create Bounty Page – Under Create a bounty page, Bounty Listers can add the details pertaining to the bounty program or job. This will include skills, requirements, job description, Reward Type etc.
  4. Application Review – Listers will be able to review the applications of all the candidates that applied. They will be able to directly contact the candidate and have one-to-one conversation through messaging.

The full-fledged version of the marketplace is planned to be launched in the upcoming months, where other than hunting or listing bounties, actual job posters and freelancers will be able to connect.

With two major partnerships, the company successfully launched FYN Vietnam last 15th December 2017. At the moment, the team is preparing for the final launch of FYN Talent Marketplace in upcoming months.

For more information on FundYourselfNow, visit their website at or email them at

Join the discussion on FYN Telegram at

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David Chaum, Vitalik Buterin to highlight Deconomy 2018

[Seoul, South Korea] Block in Press, a Korean blockchain media, will host its first annual blockchain forum ‘Deconomy’ on the topic of ‘Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Distributed Economy’ from April 3 to April 4, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. The event will take place in Vista Hall, Grand Walkerhill Hotel.

Over 50 industry insiders will join Deconomy in various sessions discussing the following topics:

    • Paradigm Shift to Open Protocols
    • Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle
    • Ethereum, The Future of World Computer
    • State of Blockchain and Market Trends
    • Regulation and Mainstream Adoption
    • Industry Evolution through Distributed Ledger

David Chaum, who laid the foundation of the cypherpunk movement, will present the keynote address.

Chaum’s work in online cryptography and privacy played a critical role in the development of Bitcoin. He was the founder of Digicash, widely accepted as the first cryptocurrency. His research in cryptographic signatures became a foundation on which cryptocurrencies were built upon.

The first session, ‘Paradigm Shift to Open Protocols’, will invite: Partner Ian Grigg, Lightning Network Co-Founder Joseph Poon, Bloq CEO Jeff Garzik as well as Ripple Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz. A discussion of cryptographers, including David Chaum, will take place.

In the second session, CEO Roger Ver, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow and nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright will present on ‘Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle’. They will also discuss on the topic of ‘Can Bitcoin Scale?’

The second day of the forum will begin with a keynote address by JungA Lee, Vice President of Bithumb.

The first session of the second day will discuss the ‘Industry Evolution through Distributed Ledger.’ R3 Research Director Antony Lewis, IBM Global Lead Stanley Young, Consensus Managing Director John Lilic will share their insights. The panel will discuss central bank issued cryptocurrency and the future of distributed ledger technology.

The second session of the day will invite Red Flag Consulting Head of U.S. Office John Collins, Post Oak Labs CEO Tim Swanson and Forbes Financial Writer Frances Copolla to examine ‘Regulation and Mainstream Adoption’ of cryptocurrency. Various experts in the legal field will be invited to debate the issue.

The last session of the forum will be led by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. Buterin, joined by Ethereum developers, to present and debate ‘Ethereum, The Future of World Computer.’

To register for this event, contact Jeff Paik at For more information about Deconomy 2018, visit

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Huawei Reportedly Seeks SIRIN OS License To Introduce Blockchain-Based Smartphone - Cointelegraph

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Huawei Reportedly Seeks SIRIN OS License To Introduce Blockchain-Based Smartphone
Chinese tech giant Huawei plans to develop a smartphone that will support decentralized applications (DApp) running on Blockchain technology, reports Bloomberg March 21. According to an unconfirmed source acquired by Bloomberg, Huawei is seeking the ...
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Facebook's Data Security Meltdown Could Bolster Blockchain: Analyst - CCN


Facebook's Data Security Meltdown Could Bolster Blockchain: Analyst
The social media giant shouldn't mistake the forest for the trees. While Facebook continues to reel from a security breach involving the personal data of tens of millions of users, they may just have demonstrated the value of an unalterable public ...
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