Monday, July 17, 2017

Autumn Blockchain Conferences Digest 2017

Autumn Blockchain Conferences Digest 2017

Following our digest of summer Bitcoin conferences 2017, we start presenting the most attractive events in the industry you definitely shouldn’t miss this autumn.

1. Blockchain in Oil and Gas

When: September 12, 2017

Where: Houston, Texas, USA


Hold up on your plans for September, 12th and make time for the Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference. The speakers, represented by chief executives and directors of the top ranked companies, will bring up the issues that have long been a matter of interest for the oil and gas community. The Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference is aimed at bolstering the public understanding of how blockchain and cryptocurrency can transform the oil and gas industry within the evolving technology landscape.

2. Blockchain Summit 2017

When: September 22, 2017

Where: Melbourne, Australia


Blockchain technology has a strong lead in streamlining virtually all industries around the globe and stands a good chance to become the main disruptive innovation ever. The Blockchain Summit 2017 intends to gather the experts and representatives of core industries to unveil the opportunities, challenges and possible implementation areas for blockchain technology, as well as introduce the incentives and practices of fast progressing companies and startups. The Blockchain Summit 2017 is held under the guidance of the UNICOM, which has a strong focus on Business, IT and Finance and specializes in conducting conferences, webinars and courses within the spheres.

The Blockchain Summit 2017 is open to everyone interested in technology and all the related spheres. To get further information and register for the event, please, visit the official page.

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