Thursday, June 7, 2018

TzLibre Announces Tezos Hardfork for Contributors to Realise the Blockchain’s Ideals

When Tezos announced the development of a self-governing blockchain leveraging a commonwealth for sustainability in 2017, the decentralized community took to it like fish to water, propelling its subsequent token sale to the $400 million mark – the highest record for any blockchain startup. However, many investors wanted to take the project in a different direction.

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And so, TzLibre was born.

A New Horizon

Following a report by Swissinfo on May 28th about the possibility of hardforking Tezos’ blockchain, a group of Tezos token sale contributors enamored by the ideas behind the blockchain, have stepped forth with a hardcapped, trustless, and truly decentralized implementation of the Tezos idea.

Contrary to popular opinions that Tezos blockchain cannot be hard forked due to parts of the codebase being obfuscated, and source not being human readable, TzLibre has finally cracked the mechanisms for hardforking the blockchain.

As a platform built by Tezos contributors for Tezos contributors, TzLibre will be airdropping its TZL tokens to every every Tezos contributors when want to claim them on June 4th. The platform development has been designed to place the interest of the community ahead of DLS.

Why TzLibre?

TzLibre has vowed to protect contributors interests by making all votes equal without special stakes or vested interests. The group has also eliminated the 20% premine tokens initially distributed to DLS-Tezos founders from its blockchain. These tokens have now been  reassigned to network validators and the total token supply has been set at an immutable hard-cap of 763M tokens.

Governance and Funding System

TzLibre will be governed by an innovative implementation of an off-chain shelling fence for governance. This unbreakable social consensus is built non-negotiable rules and committed to a hardcoded Constitution for the protection of basic users rights, privacy, and transaction immutability.

TzLibre will be addressing funding concerns for the development of its platform through Tezos’ carefully crafted Foundation charter that enables the funding of multiple Tezos implementations.

“[Tezos Foundation] primary – but not exclusive – endeavor is the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol and related technologies”.


While the community has wholeheartedly embraced TzLibre’s forking of Tezos blockchain and its realization of the original ideals, discussions about the fork is facing a blanket censorship across all Tezos community group (Riot, Reddit, Telegram, WeChat, QQ). Yet, the will of the community refuses to be suppressed with more than 5% of Tezos contributors now following TzLibre on social media.


Aligning itself behind the decentralized vision governing the development of its platform, TZL will be traded on the world’s first decentralized and trustless exchange, ForkDelta. Already, bids have been placed on the exchange in anticipation of trading scheduled to commence on June 4th. With its listing on the exchange, TzLibre tokens (TZL) have already achieved a milestone by becoming liquid well ahead of DLS-Tezos tokens (XTZ).


TzLibre has announced a partnership with the Ethereum Commonwealth and the ZClassic community volunteer dev team to leverage their extensive experiences on blockchain forks to push forward a blockchain being built for the people by the people, while creating public awareness about centralized “blockchains” created and run for profit by private companies.

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